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Union Handmade is an atelier and consortium combined: a union of traditional retail, work space and a collaboration of makers offering beautiful, unique handmade goods. The treasure seeker has plenty to choose from in this simple, inviting shop located at 3860 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.


About Kara Hetz Jewelry

As an evolving jewelry artist Kara Hetz is continually exploring uncommon ways to present common forms. She is inspired by the complex interplay of the emotional and physical and how people relate to the objects they keep.  The materials also provide fertile ground – the sensuality of metal, the way it softens with fire, moves with a hammer and changes color and texture under different conditions is a constant source of intrigue. The work is always motivated by a desire to create functional, beautiful and wearable pieces. Making jewelry, regardless of medium is a way to continually bring the work back to the body, an external reminder of the things that we carry.  


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